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While doing some research for an article that i wanted to write, i stumbled upon some images of Muslims protesting in the street .

They were holding signs that said ” Islam will dominate the world ! ” …. now i must confess to you that whenever i hear an individual or group saying stuff like that it gives me cause to worry !!

The last time somebody wanted to dominate the world it resulted in World War Two , not a very comforting thought .

While not being much of a religious devotee myself , i have had cause to look into most of the worlds religions and most preach the same basic message of Peace , Love , and Harmony .

I could not find one that preaches world domination with the exception of the Qur’an ! . So , being the curious monster that i am … i decided to have a peek inside .

I want to share with you a passage that i found , Surah 4:89  ” Seize Them And Slay Them Wherever You Find Them ” . This is in reference to the non-believers or infidels ( that would be the rest of us ) with the option of a tithe ( tax ) on the heads of the non-believers .

I imagine they created that little loop-hole for the days when their swords were dull , or they just need to take the day off from time to time. After all , killing infidels 24 hours a day / seven days a week is hard work , and would tire anybody out !! .

And lets not forget the daily physical demands of beating your wives , kicking your dogs , slitting the throats of Christians , and stoning your children to death for even the slightest little infraction .  What a Wonderful Bunch of People !! .

Islam and the ill conceived Shariah law is a  poisonous and cancerous growth that is spreading across this Planet like a dark shadow and needs to be removed before their goal of World domination is realized .

And people actually wonder why i keep my shot-gun so close at hand .

Sincerely  Gun-Zilla .


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