The latest and greatest : From SAVAGE ARMS

Savage M-12 Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor Also available in 243 Win , 260 Rem


Color : Stock and Barrel are finished in Matte Black

Materials : Stock : Fiberglass , Barrel: Carbon Steel .

Overall length : 46.25” Weight : 11 lbs

Features :

* Accu trigger

* Accu stock ( H-S precision style )

* Four Round Detachable Magazine

* Three Position Safety

* 26” Fluted Barrel

* Recessed Muzzle Crown

* Oversized “ tactical “ bolt handle

* 1:8” rifling twist

Savage offers five target models : Bench rest , F class , F/TR , Long Range precision , Palma .

The bolt action rifles produced by Savage enjoy a reputation for accuracy that far exceeds the

price tag . The reason for this is the floating bolt head , which allows the locking lugs a little

flexibility when seating in the action recesses . In conventional style bolt actions the bolt is a

solid unit which causes uneven locking-lug seating , which in turn causes the action to flex

during firing . This flexing reduces potential accuracy .

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