At what point did sportsmen forget how to hunt ? .

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When did technology and laziness take over for tracking and skill ?. The skill to read the bush , look for tracks and then find a way to close the distance between the hunter and hunted . model.buffalo This might sound a little harsh but i firmly believe that if you cannot get within 100-150 yrds of your quarry then you are not much of a hunter . Granted there will be times when you wont have much of a choice but to take a longer shot , however the farther the bullet has to travel the more kinetic energy it loses , and the more energy it loses the less of a chance for a clean kill .

And no hunter in their right mind wants to chase an animal through the bush untill it bleeds out .

Any succesful hunt is due to planning tent

taking into consideration… climate , terrain , transportation , animal population , predators bear-hunting-with-dogs and last but not least , proper equipment and the knowledge to use it .

An old saying goes ; If you fail to plan then you plan to fail .


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