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The unrelenting sadistic torture of the Canadian Homeless

The ritualistic ongoing torture of the homeless at the hands of so called christians, continues un-checked . This sinister society of sadists known as The Mustard Seed Society willfully and knowingly trample and mutilate the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights on a daily basis.

Powered by greed and corruption , this group of delusional dictators continue to hide behind the Bible in order to fool the general public into thinking that all is well .

Nothing could be further from the truth .

While employing and improving upon psychological and physiological
torture methods, they continue to operate with impunity .
As a Canadian Citizen it is both saddening and embarrasing to know that my fellow countrymen have been hoodwinked into thinking that the Mustard Seed is a benevolent entity .

The Mustard Seed has claimed that they have a 70% success rate in finding housing for the homeless ….. then why are the shelters still full ? … with the same people ! , these people have not gone anywhere ! they continue to live at the shelter because they are trapped in a loop , a loop created by the Mustard Seed .

The homeless are worth big bucks and the Mustard Seed Society knows this , and they exploit it . Seemingly blind to the actual suffering they cause in thier feeble attempt to ” help ” the homeless .

$60,000 a month , that’s the budget they have to work with to find place’s for the homeless , so how many people do they actually find places for ? … an average of three a month , a circus clown could do a better job with $60,000 to work with .

I may only be a simple monster with a shot-gun , but it seem’s to me that place’s like the Mustard Seed should be put under the microscope and held accountable for thier greed , corruption and the exploitation of the homeless .



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