Washington Redskins … Racist ?

( Opinions )

From the desk of

Gun-Zilla !

O.K. let me get this straight , we have a ball club that has been around since forever and all of a sudden they became racist’s because of thier name ? .

I don’t recall anybody complaining before , so why the big panic now ? .

I personally know quite a few native’s and in all our year’s of conversation

not one of them ever said they were offended by the name Redskin’s .

It’s for the same reason that i am not offended when they call me Whitey ,

because after all is said and done it’s just a name .

So to all of you who are involved with all this complaining i have three step’s for you to follow ,

* Stop crying .

* Put down the dough-nut’s .

* Get back to work .

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