Nothing Changes

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Gun-Zilla !

Greetings ! it has been awhile since i last spoke to any of you .

I have had the luxury of being away for some time, basically off the grid and

i have to tell you it has been quite enjoyable i did not have to deal with people

or traffic or bad news or inlaws or outlaws … yes sir it has been quite enjoyable ! .

Today is my first day back in so-called civilisation and the first thing i notice is all the damn noise of the city … o.k. i think i can deal with it not a problem !after all i only have to be in town for one week , then i made a mistake i picked up a newspaper and after one minute i can see that the only good news in my world is that Canada won gold medals in Olympic hockey, thank God for small favors ! .

Unfortunatly the rest of the news sucks , lucky for me that i only have to put up with it for one more week.

I may only be a simple monster with a shot-gun but it seems to me that some things never change .

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