A new toy

While i usually do not have any cause to write about knive’s , i was given a new toy for my birthday and i felt compelled to say something about it .

Ever since i was old enough to have my first jack-knife i have carried a knife of some sort or another and i have had them all, from the cheap Japanese
knock-off’s that last a week to some very nice example’s of Damascus steel , but i never considered writing about any of them .
The Vicious little beast that now ride’s on my right hip is basically a folding scalpel, in the insruction’s it say’s ; for slicing, slitting, and gutting .

( i like it when they bring out the nasty word’s ) , i thought to
myself … i could shave with this thing , further on in the instruction’s it say’s ; do not use to shave with .Oh Well i guess you can’t have everything .
This new toy i speak of is made in the good old U.S.A by HAVALON it came with a bunch of replacement blades a not to bad case that has decent sized belt slots, and the warranty paper’s .
On the third day of my proud new ownership the little bastard bit me without warning or provocation ( i swear it ) I can now tell you from personal experience that Havalon has got the slicing part down to a Fine science .
Out of a scense of self preservation i have made pact with the knife,

I promised to take it fishing , it promised not to bite me anymore .

All in all a pretty nice gift for an old monster with a shotgun .

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