Ungrateful Immigrants.


from the desk of

Gun-Zilla ! .

Was downtown the other day looking for ammo when i decided to take a break , so i sat down on a bench lit up a smoke and tried to figure out my next move . Seated five feet away were two Somalian women who were bitching and moaning about how bad life was since arriving in Canada .
I could’nt help but ask how long they had been here ,two months was the answer , I asked why they came here in the first place , to escape the violence and bloodshed they answered .
I asked if they had a place to stay , yes the Government had supplied them with a place to stay and had given them food and bus passes so they could have transportation .
I asked in the two months you have been here has anybody shot at you ? the answer was no .
In the two months you have been here have you heard any gunshots ? again the answer was no .
Have you been the victim of any violence since you have been here ? same answer .. no .
So i politely told them that they had absolutely no reason to bitch and complain about the country that had taken them in and perhaps they could show a little gratitude , and if they don’t like it here then they could turn around and get the @#$& out of Canada and return to the shithole they came from .
I then got up and walked away.
It bothers me that we have a homeless problem in my country but instead of helping our own people the Government chooses to help ungratefull shit heels like the two i met .

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