lever guns

Greetings fellow gun lovers it brings me great joy to share with you an experiance i had a few years ago while looking for a decent lever-action rifle . After several months of doing my homework on the subject i had made up my mind to purchase a Marlin model 1895 Cowboy , chambered in 45-70 govt. a 26″ tapered octagon barrel, magazine capacity of 9 . For my needs and desires and geographical location at the time ( I was in northern British Columbia ) i could not have chosen a better gun . I saved every penny and counted every second untill i was able to make the trip into town . Believe me with all your heart when i tell you that i was worse than a five year-old on Christmas day , i could not contain myself . To this day i am not sure if the vehicle i was in had come to a complete stop or for that matter if my feet even touched pavement before i had the doorknob of the sporting goods store in my grasp . With a mighty twist to unset the latch i shoved the door open with the strength that is reserved only for the insane . Upon entering the store a deathly silence fell about the place, in retrospect it may have been the maniacle grin that was spread across my face like a bad paint-job, but i can not be 100% sure ,salesmen and customers fled before me as i advanced towards the gun counter . Every man alive knows the feeling of pure happiness when you are in a store that has a monster selection of what you are after . My eyes wandered along the racks and racks of fine bolt action rifles, the huge assortment of shot-guns ,even a decent showing of black-powder rifles ,then of course the semi-automatics and finally the lever actions. Offerings from Winchester , Browning , Cimmaron and Marlin adorned the last rack of rifles , i boldly stepped up to the counter and stated my true desire looking the salesman right in the eye, the words he next spoke to me cut me right to the soul . I am very sorry sir but we are out of that particular model perhaps i could interest you in a blah blah blah ……it was several minutes before the initial shock wore off, eventually i was able to decipher that the store owner could only order twice a year from said manufacturer and would i like to place an order ? after all i would only have to wait a mere four months before the object of my desires arrived . Crushed , de-moralized , and beaten i left the store , how could i possibly survive the coming months without my beloved ?. During this timespan i had cause to speak with an uncle of mine and told him of my ordeal, to my surprise he tells me of a lever action that he is trying to sell for a family member , no it is not a marlin but it does have an octagon barrel sorry it is not a 45-70 but a .308 and it only holds five rounds in an internal rotary magazine !.and would i be interested in at least taking a look ?. O.M.G.

When the day came for my uncle to stop by and show me the lever action rifle he had described over the phone i was actually pretty excited . Always ready to do research on any given topic i got out all of my gun books and started looking , i knew that Savage had an internal rotary magazine and that my grandfather had one that he hunted with and spoke quite highly of , but i had only ever seen it once but had never shot it or even held it for that matter so i really did not know what to expect . Then came a knock on the door , i opened it and there stood my uncle with the most beutifull hand tooled leather scabbard i had ever seen ! he came in and placed the scabbard on the kitchen table and asked me if i would like to see what was inside ? . Fingers trembling in anticipation i undid the scabbard and pulled out a mint condition Savage model 1886 Anniversary Edition . I was holding a peice of history . Savage produced the Anniversary Edition in 1970 and only cranked out 9,999 of them , my uncle went on to explain that the example i held in my hands was purchased brand new in 1970 the scabbard made for it and then both scabbard and rifle put into storage with the hope that someday they might be worth something . Thirty some years passed and in that time the original owner died and left the rifle to his daughter who had no interest in firearms and in turn asked my uncle if he could sell it for her , the asking price ?…. $500.00 . Are you kidding me ? the scabbard alone had to be worth that much !! if not more and as far as my uncle knew the rifle itself had never been fired. Upon closer inspection it seemed that my uncle was right , a bore that was clean and bright , both wood and metal in pristine condition the only marks on it were my fingerprints ! . Never in my life have i handed over money so fast and so eagerly and never in my life have i gotten a deal quite like that one ! . Months went by and i was still unsure if i should even fire it or if i should treat it as an investment and keep it in a glass case over the fireplace . A conversation with an old freind settled the matter ” The 99 is a fine rifle for hunting, shoot the hell out of it you cant hurt it … just take proper care of it and it will last you a lifetime ” personally i have always believed that it makes no sense to own something that you cant use and since i had use for a rifle in the first place i thought why not ? it is a pure joy to shoot i like the balance and it groups five shots under 1″ at 100 yrds with iron sights using 150 grain match ammo, not bad for $500.00 . Although i still think about the Marlin and still want one almost a decade has gone by and my love affair with the 99 is still strong and i feel no need to replace it .